Four Tips For Choosing Inexpensive But Delicious Wines

When you go to a wine store, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which wine to get. Your budget can help narrow down the options a bit, but taking a few other things into account can help you decide which of the wines in your budget might be the best choice.

Where the Wine Was Grown

Some regions tend to produce very tasty wines but still sell for relatively low prices. Examples include Spain, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Wines produced in the south of France and Sicily also tend to provide decent, relatively inexpensive options. Wines from cooler regions don't tend to be as good, so you may want to stick with those from warmer regions if you want to limit the risk of getting a bottle that isn't enjoyable. 

Certain Types of Wine Tend to Be Good Overall

According to an NPR article, when looking for an inexpensive wine or if you're not quite sure what to choose, there are a couple types that tend to be good choices and are typically inexpensive. These include Cabernet Sauvignon and Cotes du Rhone wines.

Get a Volume Discount

Should you know of a slightly more expensive wine that you love, ask at wine shops if they offer a discount if you buy multiple bottles at once, such as a case or even just five or six bottles. Although not everyone is aware of this, sometimes wine shops will give a discount even for a mixed case involving multiple different types of wine, allowing you to build up your stores of wine at home while saving a little money.

Consider a Box Wine

Because the packaging is less expensive, box wines can be very good values. Boxed wines aren't just the bottom of the barrel wines anymore, and some of them are quite tasty. These wines also last longer than those in a bottle, so they're better for people who just drink a small amount of wine at a time. Less wine will get wasted, making them a better value.

Look for natural, organic wines and those made by smaller producers. If the wine is available as both a bottled and boxed wine, you may want to purchase a smaller bottle first to make sure you like it. Sometimes the employees of a wine shop, like Rosslyn Liquor Store, have had the opportunity to sample the different boxed wines and can recommend one or point you in the direction of the most popular boxed wines sold in the store.

It will still take a little trial and error, but with some practice you'll learn which varieties of wine you prefer and which brands you tend to enjoy the most. The more wines you try, the better you'll get at choosing ones that you'll like.