Plan The Perfect First Date Picnic Using These Tips And Tricks

If you're like most people getting ready for a first date, you're likely at least a little stressed out about making sure the experience is a good one for both parties involved. Luckily, you can take much of the stress out of planning your upcoming first date at a picnic with the help of these tips and tricks:

Focus on Finger Foods

Put your date at ease while eating in front of you for the first time by packing a variety of finger foods that can be popped into the mouth with minimal risk of making a mess. And you won't have to worry about packing silverware or heavy dishes. Consider filling your picnic basket up with items such as:

  • Peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches
  • A fruit bowl and toothpicks to pick each bite up with
  • Crackers and pate to spread on them
  • Olives wrapped with bacon
  • Baby shrimp and cocktail sauce

Pack some fresh berries and cream to dip them in for dessert and you'll be set for a filling and fun picnic in the park.

Keep the Refreshments Sweet

Popping open a nice bottle of wine is an excellent way to break the ice on a first date, especially if it's really sweet and easy to drink. Consider chilling a bottle of wine for a few hours before your date and wrapping it up in a towel to take with you. The towel will protect the wine from the heat of the sun and make it easier to hold the bottle without dropping it. Look for a sauterne wine to take with you, as it's made from rare white grapes that take on a raisin-like sweetness during production and pairs well with rich meals and sweet desserts. You and your date can enjoy it with the entirety of your meal instead of having to open multiple bottles that will complement the food.

Plan an Activity or Two

Complement your meal and ensure that the day isn't dull by planning an activity or two to enjoy during your picnic. The activities should be ones that help you get to know each other better and feel comfortable communicating together. Buy a board or card game designed for couples and that features questions and activities that will help you learn more about one another in a casual way. You can also bring along a puzzle or some paints and a piece of canvas so you can explore your creative sides together. Ask your date what their hobbies are and what they like to do in their spare time before your date so you can use the information to tailor your activities to their interests.