Spirits Delivery: Because You Can't Leave A Good Party At Your House Unattended

With all of the products you can now have delivered to your home, it should be no surprise that liquor stores are now offering spirits delivery. But how can that be possible, given the liquor regulations in this country? Surely, there has to be some way to get liquor delivered without suffering the third degree. Yet, you cannot leave a good party at your house unattended. Something could go very wrong, and then you would be responsible. Well, here is how to get the liquor delivered, keep the party going, and keep everyone safe:

Step One: Call the Liquor Store and Purchase the Liquor over the Phone

Liquor stores that currently offer a spirits delivery services do so only if the person ordered and paid for the liquor over the phone. You also have to show your license at the door to receive the order, and only you can receive the order since you are the one that bought and paid for it. Information from the license, including your driver's license number, date of birth, and name are all taken down in case there is a problem with the police. Delivery occurs within the hour, but usually less time is needed.

Step Two: Present Your Purchase Card and License at the Door

Your liquor delivery person has to validate the purchase by verifying two things. One, you are who you say you are because both your license and your purchasing card (i.e., debit or credit) matches the name on the license. This simultaneously verifies that you are of legal drinking age. Two, the delivery person verifies that the photo on the license is you. All forms of I.D. and purchase card information has to match the information given over the phone. Then you can accept and sign for your liquor delivery.

Step Three: Order All of Your Spirits and Alcoholic Beverages Before the Legal Closing Hour

Some states refuse to sell alcohol past nine or ten at night. Even the bars in these states will not sell you "liquor to go" after these times. Subsequently, liquor store deliveries have to be made and delivered prior to that hour. Keep this in mind if you are going to make another purchase and delivery for a few more rounds with friends late in the evening. Otherwise, you may just have to finish off whatever you already have in the house or shut the party down.